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Photos Credit – Leif Tillotson

1 3-wide qualifying action for the Late Models
2 Phil Scott’s day ended after a heat race wreck destroyed the rear end of his car
3 Bombers tangle on the frontstretch during feature race action
4 Bobby LaVair was the Bomber feature winner
5 Lance Rabtoy spisn in Renegade feature action
6 Kevin Boutin (25) stays ahead of Robert Gordon for the Renegade feature win
7 Renegade feature winner Kevin Boutin
8 -10 the Late Model filed ready to race in their feature
11 early race leader Jean-Paul Cyr (32) tries to hold off Chip Grenier in Late Model feature action
12 Joey Becker spins in Late Model feature action
13 Vermont Late Model Championship contender Nick Sweet (88) spins, ending his hopes for the title
14 rookie Emily Packard (9x) held off the challenges of many veterans during the race (like Brent Dragon in the 55) until eventually being spun and done for the day with just 3 laps to go in Late Model feature action
15 Brent Dragon (55) won the race but Dave Pembroke (44) won the overall title for the Vermont State Late Model Championship
16 Chip Grenier (9) and Brent Dragon fight for the race win in Late Model feature action
17 winner Brent Dragon
18 the Modifieds ready to race their feature
19 Todd Stone is involved in a melee as his car shuts down on a restart. The car would eventually refire and Stone went on to win the race in the Modified feature
20 3-wide action in the Modified feature
21 Gardner Stone and Ron Proctor tangled on the frontstretch in the Modified feature
22 the Modified field races down the backstretch
23 Jessey Muller (19) tries to hold off eventual winner Todd Stone in the Modified feature
24-26 Modified feature winner Todd Stone