The Granite State Pro Stock Series inaugural race at Wiscasset Speedway started Saturday afternoon with two practice sessions and autographs in the evening. The practice sessions on Saturday saw series regulars Derek Griffith of Hudson, NH, and Mike O’Sullivan of Springfield, MA clocking laps at 15.1 seconds.  However, on Sunday this changed with Maine drivers Andy Saunders of Elsworth, ME, Jacob Dore of Sanford ME, and Scott Chubbuck of Bowdoin, ME achieving those times. The mix of experienced versus inexperienced drivers made for some interesting racing.


The first two heats of the afternoon were relatively clean and had some good racing.  Heat three however saw some action as Mike O’Sullivan, Brandon Sprague of Edgecomb, ME, and John Rideout of Washington, ME went three wide into turn one and Rideout made contact with the wall, bringing out the red flag.  The ensuing laps saw a battle in the front between DJ Shaw of Center Conway, NH and Jeremy Davis of Tamworth, NH.  On the last lap Davis was sideways and managed to save it to hold off Shaw for the heat win.

The feature saw Griffith and Saunders pace the 27 car field.  Saunders pulled out to an early lead and held that lead for the first 16 laps of the race until Shaw took the lead for the first time in the feature. Lap 25 saw the first caution of the night when Travis Dunbar of Auburn, ME spun in turn two.  The restart saw Shaw retake the lead from Saunders until the caution flag waved again on lap 27 for Dillon Moltz of Waterford, CT.  After the restart Mike O’Sullivan fell off the pace and pulled into the pit on lap 33.


Shaw kept the lead until lap 50 when Griffith took the lead after chasing Shaw down amongst lap cars.  Shaw took the lead again seven laps later and held it for the remainder of the race. Glenn Martel brought the final caution on lap 73 as he went into the turn four tire barrier.  This left 25 laps for Tracy Gordon of Strong, ME to chase down Shaw to catch the win.  Unfortunately for Gordon by the end of the race Shaw had a strong lead and lap cars protecting him as he crossed the finish line. Derek Griffith crossed the line third rounding out the top three.


Saturday, September 10th the Granite State Pro Stock Series will be at Star Speedway in Epping, NH for the NH Star Classic. For more information follow the Granite State Pro Stock Series on Facebook or at


Unofficial Finish

1          60        DJ Shaw

2          41        Tracy Gordon

3          12        Derek Griffith

4          01        Andy Saunders

5          05D     Jacob Dore

6          51        John Peters

7          15H      Nick Hinkley

8          29        Barry Gray

9          09        Jeremy Davis

10        2          Nicholas Cusack

11        5          Dillon Moltz

12        4          Tommy O’Sullivan

13        35        Bobby Nadeau

14        34        Jeff Burgess

15        05J      James Ormond

16        63        John Salemi

17        2R        Chris Ryan

18        13        Nathan Tribett

19        12ME   Thomas True

20        1          Cory Casagrande

21        23W     Brandon Sprague

22        40        Mike Mitchell

23        15C     Scott Chubbuck

24        66        Mike Parks

25        23        Glenn Martel

26        6          Travis Dunbar

27        08        Mike O’Sullivan


Contingency Winner           Car #  Name


AR Bodies (Hard Luck)                                23        Glenn Martell


Bond Auto Parts (2nd Place)                                   41        Tracy Gordon


Bond Auto Parts (Last car on Lead Lap) 5          Dillon Moltz


Coilover (Feature winner)                          60        DJ Shaw


Embroidery Expertee’s (3rd Place)                        12        Derek Griffith


Five Star Bodies (5th Place)                        05D     Jacob Dore


MacLellan Metal Finishing (Heat Winner)            01        Andy Saunders


MacLellan Metal Finishing (Heat Winner)            12        Derek Griffith


MacLellan Metal Finishing (Heat Winner)            09        Jeremy Davis


Magnus Racing (2nd Place)                                    41        Tracy Gordon


Powertrain (4th Place)                                             01        Andy Saunders


RB Performance  (3rd Place)                                  12        Derek Griffith


RB Performance (7th Place)                                   15H      Nick Hinkley


Seymour Performance (Random Draw) 4          Tommy O’Sullivan


Sunoco (Heat Winner)                                01        Andy Saunders


Sunoco (Heat Winner)                                12        Derek Griffith


Sunoco (Heat Winner)                                09        Jeremy Davis


VDL Fuel (5th Place)                                     05D     Jacob Dore

Track—Wiscasset Speedway,      0.375  mile   Wiscasset, ME.

Race—Wiscasset 100

Time of Race— 46:10

Cautions—(3 )—laps 25, 27, 73


Margin of Victory— 1.98

Lap Leaders—(3 ) Saunders 16, Shaw 76, Derek Griffith 8